About Your Referral Program

After you’ve made a sale with a customer, and you want to follow up with them via email, specifically about your referral program, there’s one thing you should keep in mind.

Do not include any attachments!

Ever since email became popular, hosting services have been filtering out any emails with attachments and marking them as spam.

While some people actually take the time to rummage through their spam folder, most do not.

If they are like most people and just automatically delete their spam folder, and you sent an email
with an attachment, there’s a very good chance they’ll never even see it.

Instead of attaching a PDF to your email, include a link for them to click that sends them to your
referral marketing program page.

The referral marketing page is a great place to put some extra effort into creating.

You want it to look good and be appealing enough to make them want to join.

Remember, people don’t like to waste their time, so make the email interesting but not too long.

Your message should be straight and to the point also remember to include all of the perks of your referral
marketing program.

A short paragraph reviewing their purchase, followed by what new clients that they refer can
receive as an incentive, and what kind of bonus they’ll get, is all that’s needed.

Include an image that’s relevant to the service and your company.

For example, if it’s for a cruise they just booked, then have the base of the email on the bottom
and a cruise ship on top.

Make it appealing and personal, not just a boring, run of the mill email asking them to refer people to your business.

It’s a good idea to have many images to choose from for these emails, too.

Just because this person chose a cruise doesn’t mean the person they refer to the company will.

Have several images that you can work with for these types of emails.

Make them as attractive as possible to entice an array of clients with different tastes.

If you were to send an email that asked them to read the attachment about your referral marketing program, they’d be more likely to just delete.

Even if the email comes from what looks to be a valid email address, there’s always a chance that it could be either
spam or a virus.

It’s also common practice to include social media icons on the bottom of your emails, too.

For example, the logos for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Make it easy for customers to click on them and give you a follow.

Remember to always be open to new ideas, keep your customers happy, and personalize every experience!

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