Creating Quality Educational Content

Creating educational content isn’t particularly difficult.

However, you have to make sure you’re writing to please both the search engines AND, most importantly, your visitors.

Unless you have a site that focuses on viral content like celebrity gossip, breaking news, cute animals, or other types of viral content.

Educational content is probably going to be the foundation of your efforts.

The best way to do this is to create longer content that is more in-depth instead of writing short articles just to try to get visitors.

A few years ago, people tried to get as much traffic from search engines as possible.

They did this by writing a separate, usually short article for every single variation of a particular keyword.

This created a lot of mostly useless content that made visitors unhappy.

These days, Google likes to see longer content.

Because most spammers won’t take the time to write unique, grammatically correct content that is 1,000+ words long.

They’ve come to see longer content as quality content.

So if you want to get traffic from Google, you need to focus on quality over quantity.

In fact, now that Google’s algorithm is more advanced, you no longer have to write a separate article for every single
variation of a keyword to rank for all those variations.

Writing one long, high-quality article and weaving a few of those keyword variations through it where appropriate.

This will help you rank for more than just the keyword you use in the title!

Semantics help search engines understand what your content is about.

This often helps you rank for keywords you don’t even include in your content at all!

They do this by comparing your page to other similar pages and looking for similarities.

If a lot of pages similar to yours use a particular word in their content and you don’t, you still have a chance to rank for that word because your page is similar to those other pages that do include it.

So focus on writing quality content.

Do NOT try to create dozens of variations for different keywords or working in keywords to fit some magical percentage.

Those tactics don’t work anymore.

Quality is the most important factor.

Age is another important factor, and if your site is new there isn’t much you can do to get faster rankings.

However thanks to social media, you don’t actually have to wait for search engine traffic to start coming in to get traffic to your site.

That’s where it’s helpful to write quality content because it’s more likely to be liked and shared on social media, which will bring in even more traffic.

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